A. Blondel Our homework assignements (pdf)
C. Volpe Summary of the Trento workshop Exploring the Impact of New Neutrino Beams (pdf)
C. Hagner The OPERA approach at the CNGS and at future neutrino facilities (pdf)
A. Cazes Optimization of the SPL energy for a neutrino superbeam (pdf)
E. Fernandez-Martinez Degeneracies in the determination of oscillation parameters (pdf)
M. Lindroos ISOL, EURISOL & neutrino Betabeams
M. Zisman NuFact & Betabeam News from the US APS Study (pdf)
A. Donini Leptonic Mixing (pdf)
P. Strolin Detectors for future neutrino experiments (pdf)
C. Hagner The complementary reactor approach: DCHOOZ (pdf)